My first time at any venue, I relax for a few moments before the show, trying to absorb the scene and get an idea of what is about to happen based on the crowd and atmosphere. Last week presented such a moment, as I waited for @ariansaleh to open the show at @meridian23nyc. The crowd made an arc around the stage, respectfully quiet, but attentive to what was happening. What did happen was a mesmerizing singer/songwriter combining what sounded like Middle Eastern, flamenco, Caribbean and South American sounds with modern electronica, and a voice that warmed like a desert wind. This was unexpected and required intent listening. As a fan of many kinds of music, this sublime performance was a revelation. Playing all original songs, until the very end when he sneaks in a cover of Radiohead's "Climbing Up The Walls", sans chorus, the effect was complete: win the crowd over, then sneak away making them beg what happened. OK, sir. You got that one.

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