"Dynamic composer/songwriter builds on Gypsy/Middle Eastern themes to create ornate chamber pop." - KBUT

"The differing styles play into each other in surprising ways forcing the listener to pay closer attention and appreciate the music more fully." - WLUR

"He has a wonderful gift for blending items be they organic and electronic, gypsy, middle eastern and western sensibilities. It's a real distinctive collection of songs." - WBC Radio

"An album that will grow on one, with each listening revealing some new facet from the instrumentation to the lyrics." - George Graham, WVIA

"..a mesmerizing singer/songwriter combining what sounded like Middle Eastern, flamenco, Caribbean and South American sounds with modern electronica, and a voice that warmed like a desert wind. This was unexpected and required intent listening." - Afrophonics

"...more visual than seems possible for a bunch of sounds..."- The Red Alert



Though Arian Saleh began playing all over Los Angeles in 2009, music has been a part of his life from the beginning. Saleh's unique sound is deeply rooted in a troubadour tradition and has a heavy emphasis on lyrics and melody, with nods to gypsy, tango, and electronic music. 

In late 2009 he met with the Wizardz of Oz and began work on what would become his fist recording, The Cobblestone EP. This defining group of songs went on to gain great audience and critical response, sending him around the country playing shows. While on tour in New York, Saleh teamed up with virtuoso cellist Dave Eggar and luminary drummer Chuck Palmer and the three began playing and touring extensively as a trio. They, together with DJ/Producer Chuck Wild (Captain Planet) recorded and recently released Saleh's first full length album, Undone. The music video for the single "Underhill" premiered on The Huffington Post and the album itself has been described "like coming in and out of different worlds of music, guided by an incredible voice" and heralded as "one of the best out-of-left-field releases of 2013". Continuing the album's praise, "Open Your Mind Let Me Out" has been nominated for an Independent Music Award. 

Following Undone, Saleh released his second full-length album Antoinette on January 20, 2017 and reached #1 on the Merging Arts World Music Chart on March 14, 2017. The 10-track album advances his signature alternative-world sound, combining Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Western sensibilities to create a wholly distinctive collection of songs. Antoinette boldly weaves together the dark and hopeful to examine complexthemes of shifting identity, cultural appropriation, romance, and the inextricable link between promise and despair. The album was again recorded at the renowned Carriage House Studios in Connecticut and produced by Eggar and Palmer. It features a number of internationally acclaimed musicians andinstrumentalists, creating a unique energy and sense of place. 

Saleh has also founded The Libretto Project and works as a composer scoring films and commercials. Currently residing in Brooklyn, he continues to play all over the country, writing music that carves through many genres and influences, asking more questions than it answers.




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