"Dynamic composer/songwriter builds on Gypsy/Middle Eastern themes to create ornate chamber pop." - KBUT

"The differing styles play into each other in surprising ways forcing the listener to pay closer attention and appreciate the music more fully." - WLUR

"He has a wonderful gift for blending items be they organic and electronic, gypsy, middle eastern and western sensibilities. It's a real distinctive collection of songs." - WBC Radio

"An album that will grow on one, with each listening revealing some new facet from the instrumentation to the lyrics." - George Graham, WVIA

"..a mesmerizing singer/songwriter combining what sounded like Middle Eastern, flamenco, Caribbean and South American sounds with modern electronica, and a voice that warmed like a desert wind. This was unexpected and required intent listening." - Afrophonics

"...more visual than seems possible for a bunch of sounds..."- The Red Alert